Introduction to HETCASH

Who benefits from HETCASH?

  • Webmasters: They can monetize their website traffic by displaying ads served by HETCASH. HETCASH offers a variety of ad formats to choose from, allowing webmasters to find the ones that best suit their audience and website.

  • Advertisers: HETCASH provides advertisers with access to a large audience of potential customers through its network of over 10,000 publishers. This allows advertisers to reach a wide range of people who are interested in their products or services.

  • Media Buyers: HETCASH helps media buyers efficiently purchase ad inventory from a wide range of publishers. This saves them time and effort by allowing them to buy ads from a single source.

  • Ad Networks: HETCASH allows ad networks to expand their reach by partnering with them. This gives ad networks access to a new pool of publishers and advertisers.

How does HETCASH work?

  • Technology: HETCASH uses ORTB/XML and JSON technology to connect with partners and serve programmatic ads. Programmatic ads are ads that are bought and sold automatically through software, rather than being negotiated manually between advertisers and publishers.

  • Ad formats: HETCASH supports a variety of ad formats, including pop-up ads, push notifications, native ads, banner ads, and direct links. This allows advertisers to choose the format that is most likely to be effective for their campaign.

Overall, HETCASH provides a platform that allows webmasters, advertisers, media buyers, and ad networks to connect and achieve their advertising goals.

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