Traffic quality and Website Content Restrictions

Traffic Quality

Hetcash Network accepts traffic of high quality only. Any other traffic is not accepted, including but not limited to:

  • bot traffic;

  • motivated traffic;

  • any other low quality or fraudulent traffic.

Also note that putting our ads into invisible iframe is not allowed.

Website Content Restrictions

As for the publishers' site content, Hetcash accepts all sites except for:

websites that are under construction, incomplete or with extremely limited audiences or viewerships;

  • websites that infringe on any third-party rights or breach Applicable Laws (including but not limited to copyright and trademark laws and general rights to privacy);

  • websites which contain Inappropriate Content; and

  • websites which promote any goods or services that are illegal, such as but not limited to:

i. human trafficking;

ii. money laundering, terrorist financing, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;

iii. any goods of services that are illegal or the promotion, offer or marketing of which is illegal or that are offered in connection with illegal content, depict children, minors, or animals in sexual postures, depict rape, coprophilia, depict means of propaganda of signs of unconditional organisations glorifying war or violating human dignity;

iv. any goods or services, promotion, offer or marketing of which would violate copyrights, industrial property rights or other rights of any person;

v. archaeological findings;

vi. drugs, narcotics or hallucinogens;

vii. weapons of any kind;

viii. illegal gambling services;

ix. Ponzi, pyramid or any other “get rich quick” schemes;

x. goods that are subject to any trade embargo;

xi. media that is harmful to minors and violates laws and, in particular, the provision in respect of the protection of minors;

xii. body parts or human remains;

xiii. protected animals or protected plants; or

xiv. any other illegal goods, services or transactions.

Hetcash Network reserves the right to take action against any person or entity that does not confirm to the rules mentioned above.

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