How can I improve my eCPM?

How can I improve my eCPM?

What is the best way to boost my eCPM rates? On related forums and blogs, it's one of the most commonly asked questions among web and app developers. This is unsurprising given that the eCPM has a direct influence on the revenue of publishers. Publisher's eCPM are affected by various factors. Some are done daily by Hetcash supply and demand teams but some should be done, or at least consulted to make sure you have the best opportunities aligned for your supply.

  • Be Patient It takes up to 7 days for our ad servers to align your supply with our demand, and to enable our algorithm to go out of the 'grace period' into matching you with better paying campaigns. Your inventory is measured and monitored during this time with several key indicators such as traffic quality, meta data, advertiser demand, and more and the resulting data will match more campaigns and more demand end-points that will provide you with better coverage and eCPM.

  • Test Different Ad Formats

    Experiments are the only way to learn. Don't get too caught up in running the old and reliable banners. There are several ad formats available today, each of which performs differently depending on the application. Make sure to experiment with different ad types to find the ones that perform best for you. Hetcash offers a varied assortment of Ad Inventory for your experiments towards great performance results. User-Friendly In-page, 100% Resultative Pop, Engaging VAST and more.

  • Experiment With Ad Placements It's possible that you just placed an ad in the incorrect location in order to maximize its effectiveness. Experiment with various locations to discover which ones does best for your income. If this is professionally handled, the right placements serve huge profits. But remember 3 rules of successful ad tag placement:

    Ad should be seen. So place it "above the fold" of your web site or app, on the first screen.

    Do not overload. Too much ad unit at a page will turn on ad blindness or just make user feel annoyed.

    Variate it. Static banners can't compete with Dynamic Ad Tags which allow to show different ad every time user returns to your app or web site.

  • Connect to Wide Demand Hetcash is proud to prioritize your direct premium traffic to our wide base of direct advertiser demand. Hetcash has 500's of live campaigns demanding traffic worldwide across a variety of ad formats that are available to our publishers such as Pop-under, Banner, In-Page Push, Traditional Push and Interstitials . While your traffic quality may be amazing, Hetcash demand may not serve ads for your supply due to various factors such as advertiser blacklisting, traffic monitoring, tag integration errors, viewability and more. Consult with your account manager to further explore these issues.

  • Set Up Ad Tag Properly Integrating the tag in a wrong way or incomplete will result in lower eCPMs. Make sure you follow Hetcash guidelines when integrating our tags to your website and make sure you use all relevant parameters wherever you do decide to integrate our tags to. Example redirect tag:

    URL Tags that contain correct (matching with the actual domain) URL will receive a better bid from all advertisers, many of the filters employed by advertisers and by our monitoring rely on the fact that traffic originates from where the publisher has stated it had, therefore, running tags without the URL parameter populated will result in less coverage and a lower bottom-line. SUBID If you're tag is embedded across different website, you can still add the same tag but make sure to change the SUBID parameter to reflect a different value. This will allow advertisers who benefit from your traffic to increase bids based on that single subID, or to the contrary, if the advertiser is not finding your traffic converting from a specific subID he or she may be able to blacklist only that SUBID and not the whole publisher feed, thus enabling you to continue to send traffic. If you're interested in having our expert team take a deeper look at your account!

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