What ad formats does HETCASH support?

HETCASH supports a diverse range of ad formats to cater to various advertising needs and strategies. Each format is designed to engage users in different ways, providing advertisers with multiple options to achieve their campaign goals. Here’s a detailed look at each ad format offered by HETCASH:

Pops (Pop-ups and Pop-unders)

  • Description: Pop ads appear in a new window or tab when a user interacts with a webpage. Pop-ups appear on top of the current page, while pop-unders load behind the current browser window.

  • Usage: Effective for grabbing immediate attention and driving direct responses. Commonly used for special promotions, sign-up forms, and direct offers.

  • Advantages: High visibility and strong call-to-action potential. Can significantly increase conversions when used correctly.

Push Notifications

  • Description: Push notifications are messages sent directly to users’ devices, appearing as alert-style notifications even when users are not actively browsing.

  • Usage: Ideal for timely updates, special offers, and re-engagement campaigns. These notifications can reach users across desktop and mobile devices.

  • Advantages: High engagement rates due to direct and immediate reach. Users can interact with the notification without being on a specific website or app.

Native Ads

  • Description: Native ads blend seamlessly with the content and design of the website or app they appear on, mimicking the look and feel of the platform’s natural content.

  • Usage: Suitable for content-driven marketing strategies, such as sponsored articles, product recommendations, and in-feed ads.

  • Advantages: Non-intrusive and engaging, often leading to higher user acceptance and interaction. Effective for brand awareness and storytelling.


  • Description: Banners are traditional display ads that come in various sizes and placements, such as header banners, sidebars, and footer ads.

  • Usage: Versatile and widely used for branding, product promotion, and driving traffic to websites. Can be static images, animated GIFs, or interactive HTML5 ads.

  • Advantages: Flexible in terms of design and placement. Can be tailored to fit specific campaign goals and audience preferences.

Direct Links

  • Description: Direct link ads redirect users directly to the advertiser’s landing page when clicked. These are usually text-based or button-style ads.

  • Usage: Effective for straightforward call-to-action campaigns, such as driving traffic to a specific URL or landing page.

  • Advantages: Simple and efficient way to guide users to targeted content. Reduces the steps between the ad and the conversion action.

Choosing the Right Ad Format

The choice of ad format depends on your campaign objectives, target audience, and the type of engagement you seek. Here’s how you might choose between them:

  • For Immediate Engagement: Pop ads and push notifications are great for capturing immediate attention and prompting quick actions.

  • For Content Integration: Native ads work well if you aim to blend your marketing message seamlessly with the user experience.

  • For Visual Impact: Banners are ideal for visually compelling messages that need to stand out in specific locations on a page.

  • For Direct Actions: Direct link ads are perfect for campaigns focused on driving traffic to a particular webpage or converting users directly.

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