What are Hetcash payout frequency and thresholds?

Hetcash minimum publisher payout is $50. If you have a relevant site and feel this is an obstacle for cooperation please email our team and we will be able to provide you with alternate solutions. Hetcash pays mainly PayPal and Wire Transfer, although other solution can be done on a case-by-case basis, like Payoneer, Paxum etc. Payments can only be made with official invoice from supplier, please make sure to update our finance department with your invoice, so your payment will not be delayed.

Detailed information about each system and transfer fees:

Webmoney: Min payout $50 1% transaction fee.

PayPal USD: Min payout $50 2% transaction fee if the sum is below $4500 $90 fixed fee if the sum is above $4500

PayPal EUR: 2% transaction fee - €12 max if you registered in the EU zone 2% transaction fee - €70 max if you registered in any other zone

Paxum: Min payout $50 | $1 transfer fee.

Wire (bank transfer): Min payout $1000 USD - fixed transaction fee $35 for each Bank. EUR - fixed transaction is €30

Hetcash will pay Publisher’s revenue on a Bi-weekly, twice a-month, or monthly basis by agreement of the parties Also By request .


Net 7 (Paid Weekly on Tuesdays, when the minimum payment amount is reached)

Twice a month

Net 7 (on 7th and 22nd day of the month or the next business day, if the payout day falls on Holidays or Weekends)

Note #1: Please be patient. It takes a while for your payment to be formed and processed.

Note #2: The default payout schedule is Net7. Please contact your personal manager to switch your payout schedule. The payments are fully automatic, once you have passed profile validation checks and chosen your payout schedule. These payments are made according to the Terms&Conditions agreement.

Note #3: We can pay your available funds only. To find out the amount of your available payout please go to the 'Payments' tab in the publisher's dashboard.

Note #4: If you need to change the payment method, please make sure to notify us at least 24 hours before the payment date.

All payments are processed in USD or EUR. Hetcash does not pay in RUB.

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